Terms and Conditions

The law firm Holck-Andersen and Søren Tyge Sørensen is a private limited company with CVR number 20015500. The law firm’s client account is in Danske Bank, reg. no. 3001, account no. 3001 080865, IBAN DK91 3000 3001 080865 – SWIFT dabadkkk.

Barrister Niels Gade practices law under the Business Taxation Scheme with CVR number 53495451. Barrister Niels Gade’s client account is in Nordea, reg. no. 2150, account no. 8893 286 870, IBAN DK39 2000 8893 2868 70, SWIFT/BIC NDEADKKK

All the lawyers are licensed to practice law by the Danish Ministry of Justice.

We are governed by the Danish Bar and Law Society´s regulatory and disciplinary system, by the code of legal ethics, cf. Administration of Justice Act § 126 and the lawyers’ Code of Conduct that can be found on the Danish Bar and Law Society’s website www.advokatsamfundet.dk.